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If ever you find yourself in need of reliable flexible lighting cables, you need look no further. Capro Kongsberg automotive is a metal production company that will adequately meet your needs.

Capro: push pull cable manufacturers

Capro Kongsberg Automotive produces high quality cables with metal terminals produced by special machines and die-cast. Products are available in various sizes as used in the market or lighting sector. Depending on the required size there are specific metal clamps that are used to define the various cable diameters. products from this company are well considered before proceeding to the production phase. Among the factors taken into consideration include the functionality of the product and the best way optimize efficiency, and esthetics which refers the physical appeal to the eye of the consumer. All products from Capro Kongsberg Automotive are initially tested and confirmed to be in the right working condition as well as ensuring the finest safety measures. These tests are usually undertaken well equipped laboratories. Among the most important tests conducted is the 'pull-off' test. This test is performed on the terminals of the cables to ensure total load capability. There also is an 'efficiency test' which measures abrasion between the cable and conduit. The desired point is a smooth run between the two components. These products are readily available for supply to wholesale outlets in Europe and America. Capro Kongsberg Automotive is ISO 9001 certified.

Gear shift cables supplier

Fouty five years on Capro Kongsberg Automotive continues to produce high quality metal products that are in use by happy customers all around the world.

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flexible control cables | push pull cable manufacturers



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