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pvc coated flexible conduit |

All you need to know about pvc coated flexible conduit Breifing

Production and wholesale of flexible control cables is very vital in industry. PVC coated flexible conduit briefing specializes in production of flexible control cables. It mostly produces conduits, cables and a number of components which involve certain products as gears, brakes and sport and mountain bikes. The company produces flexible cables made of zinc die-cast and metal terminals which of different sizes designed for lighting suspension systems. The range of manufacturing is wide and includes simple cables together with complex flexible control cables. The products features are of functional and elegant design. Such design makes these products easy to operate and work with. Flexible control cables are produced with a coated steel wire braid used for mechanical protection. These cables are produced covered with PVC insulation, bedding and a transparent PVC sheath which enables one to detect corrosion or damage with ease through the transparent sheath.

Capro: bicycle brake cable manufacturer

After production, the products are supplied and sold in wholesale to various users. Various products supplied are metal clamps, adjusters and plastic appliances which are designed specifically for each type of cable application. Flexible control cables are used in the transport industry, in distribution, transmission and power networks. Also are used in building and construction activities.

Components fixed gear bike

Since they are also found in assembly and production lines, conveyers, in computer units and machine tool manufacture, they are designed for use in fixed installations and as interconnecting cables between fixed and mobile equipment. Thus production and wholesale of these cables is of great importance to various industries.

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pvc coated flexible conduit | bicycle brake cable manufacturer



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