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Level of quality

The materials used in our products are subjected to advanced laboratory evaluation. Each solution model is screened to the application specifications.Some of the critical analysis is the "pull-off" of line devices. Whether zinc die-cast or machine metal, this is to guarantee 100% load capacity of the practical application.


The client is at the center of all our programs. Own technical engineers work accurately with engineers in our client's technical areas to suggest solutions, employing our proven technologies, to achieve the specifications of every precise applications.


Despite of the modifications in property, the firm has looked after precisely the same philosophy of enthusiasm, very hard work, efficiency and creativity and holds a work force that has the strength of experience and know-how.Device excellent, timeliness of transport and a enthusiasm to fulfill customer wants keep making our organization a head in our area.

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steel cables for furniture | steel smith toggle clamp

Capro Italy

The company was founded in 1968 focusing on the production of flexible cables mainly for the bicycle sector. The passion of its founder and the collaboration of all employees, at every level, soon leads the company to expand its market of interest also in other sectors.

Despite the passing of the baton, which began in the 2000s, the company has maintained the same spirit of passion, dedication to work, propensity for efficiency and innovation, maintaining a workforce that has made the experience its point of power.

The mission of the Company,
is customer satisfaction.

The Customer is at the center of all the activities of our Company and for this reason we are constantly focused on providing high production standards through:

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Respect for established deliveries and flexibility in the event of requests for advances from customers;

Co-engineering services between the company's technical department and the customer's engineering staff;

Quality of service and the guarantee of high-end products;

Search for new production technologies and material selection